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About Our School

Elk Grove Elementary School
Principal – Jill Jones
Vice Principal – Kaila Williams
Secretary – Susan Davis


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School Accountability Report Cards
School History
Elk Grove Elementary is in its fourth location (now in northeast Elk Grove), but it can be credited with its connection to the first recorded public school in Sacramento County, the San Joaquin School, built in 1853 at what is now the intersection of Highway 99 and Grant Line Road. The first school with the name of Elk Grove was built in the 1860s a short distance north of the intersection of the present Elk Grove Boulevard and Highway 99. That building still stands at the old Foulks Ranch. The second Elk Grove school also stands, although somewhat lonely, on Frontage Road, north of Wal-Mart. The third Elk Grove school, known to generations as Elk Grove Grammar School, is the brick building that once housed the school district offices and is now Elk Grove Community Services. The brick structure was built in 1921 to serve the children from the old Elk Grove school, San Joaquin, Victory and the Jackson school.
Elk Grove Elementary students moved to their new facility in December of 1992. The name, of course, comes from the town and the Elk Grove Hotel & Stage Stop of 1850. Yes, there was a grove of trees, a herd of tule elk may well have roamed through the grove, and there is evidence that Elk Grove’s founder, James Hall, had lived in Elk Grove, Missouri before he came to California.